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Product Licensing and Delivery System

Thank you for accessing the PLDS application.


You have been directed to this page for one of the following reasons:

1. If you have landed on this page in error please use your Browser Back button to return.

2. If you were trying to access a download from http://support.avaya.com then this page is

displayed because you are not registered for PLDS and access to the download is controlled

by PLDS - please see 3 below for registering


3. You are not registered for PLDS:

If you are an Avaya BusinessPartner or Customer please view your Avaya Access user

information/profile at https://sso.avaya.com and select View/Request Roles and

select PLDS User, follow on screen prompts to complete the request.


If you are an Avaya Associate please request PLDS access via ITSS

Select: Support > Submit a Request > Applications > PLDS > Request Access.

(Only available while connected to the Avaya Intranet.)


4. You have requested access to PLDS as 3 above but this has not yet been created please

contact the Help Desk


5. PLDS is currently unavailable please contact the Help Desk, unless this has already been

communicated as a planned downtime

To proceed to PLDS please click here http://plds.avaya.com

Help Desk
Login Assistance

US/Canada Business Partners/Customer

+1-866-AVAYA-IT (+1-866-282-9248)

EMEA Business Partners

+31-70-414-8023 (prompt 4, 3)
EMEA Customers

Argentina Business Partners/Customers

Brazil Business Partners/Customers

Colombia Business Partners/Customers

Mexico Business Partners/Customers
APAC Business Partners/Customers

U.S. Associates

+1-866-AVAYA-IT (+1-866-282-9248)
or +1-303-354-8999
INTL Associates

If calling from an Avaya Office:
    0/9 (outside line prefix) then '1234'.
If calling from an external, non-Avaya location:
    EMEA +44-1483-309800,
    Canada, APAC and CALA +1-720-444-0130

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